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Recruit Landry Scares Eagles

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12:35pm
By: BC Insider

CHESTNUT HILL – There’s no denying that one of BC’s best commitments in its 2014 class is defensive end Harold Landry from Fayetteville, N.C.

Considering where Landry lives, it was a bit of surprise when the defensive end committed to the Eagles last spring. Ranked as the 20th-best defensive end in his class, Landry has drawn interest from the likes of Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, North Carolina, N.C. State and South Carolina.

Even with some big name schools going after him, Landry never wavered on his commitment to BC. That was the case until a random night in mid-October.

News came down that Landry was reopening his recruitment and was considering Ohio State, Miami and N.C. State, along with Boston College. The news was devastating to BC fans because Landry had stated hundreds of times that he would not waver on his commitment to BC.

Just hours after de-committing, Landry changed his mind again and tweeted that he was still a BC Eagle. While the BC coaches and fans were certainly happy to hear this news, the odds that Landry ends up at BC seem to be getting worse by the minute. So what’s the story behind all of this?

Some people say that Landry likes the attention of recruiting and was just looking to make some shockwaves with the short de-commitment. Another reason that Landry might have changed his mind is because the defensive end has faced a lot of pressure to back out of his BC commitment and stay close to home.

It seems that there are some people close to him who feel like he’d be better off at N.C. State. Rivals.com national analyst Mike Farrell seems to agree. Farrell recently accessed the situation on Rivals by writing, “Landry’s commitment has always been considered somewhat soft, and recent developments have made the likelihood of him ending up at Chestnut Hill even slimmer. Landry de-committed from the Eagles but re-committed a few hours later; many feel he will end up someplace closer to home.”

The BC staff will continue to try its best to keep Landry on board as a centerpiece of its 2014 class. When the Eagles played a game in Chapel Hill at the end of October, the staff traveled to watch Landry on the Friday night before the game. BC fans can only hope that Landry is feeling the love from the BC staff and stays committed to the Eagles.

BC Hoops Lands First Commit

It was expected that Steve Donahue would pick up his first commitment sometime between the end of August and the end of October. What wasn’t expected was the name of the first commitment. Little known point guard prospect Matt Farrell committed to the Eagles shortly after he made an unofficial visit to the Heights.

Farrell is an unranked prospect who chose BC over Monmouth and Dartmouth, which aren’t usually the type of schools that an ACC team goes against in recruiting. That alone raised a lot of eyebrows inside the recruiting world. You certainly can’t say that Donahue didn’t do his homework, though.

Farrell was high school teammates with Dominique Uhl, who was one of BC’s top targets in the ’14 class before picking Iowa. While the BC staff followed around Uhl and came to watch him work out, the play of his little-known point guard caught the coaches’ attention. Farrell says that the staff’s belief in him is what ultimately helped him decide to play for BC.

“Coach Donahue believes in me a lot and Coach (Nat) Graham believes in me a lot,” Farrell said. “They both told me I have the chance to come in there next year and earn minutes if I play well.”

Farrell’s commitment to an ACC school obviously caught most people by surprise, because he was pegged as a low-major type of player. Farrell is a quality shooter and has decent handle, but his athleticism and ability to guard high-level talent have been questioned by evaluators.

Farrell says that he took it in stride when people told him that he wouldn’t play at a high-major level.

“It’s understandable, because I wasn’t in a lot of big-time tournaments,” Farrell said. “It really doesn’t bother me that much. I know that if I played on a bigger AAU team that things would have been different. I had a lot of mid-majors after me. I know Coach Donahue and the staff believe in me, so that’s all I care about.”

BC fans had nothing against Farrell, but message boards were instantly skeptical about Farrell’s commitment. The fans thought that BC could’ve waited to land a player with Farrell’s ranking and also thought the staff should’ve held out for a higher-ranked player with lots of high-major offers. This was especially true considering the fact that the Eagles only have one scholarship for the 2014 class.

Obviously the staff can’t comment publically about prospects until they officially sign in November. However, the word around BC is that the Eagles still have one scholarship left to give out in the ’14 class. That would at least hint that – for the time being – Farrell will be a “preferred walk-on,” which is basically a walk-on who most likely will get a scholarship in the future.

It will be interesting to see where BC goes from here with the lone scholarship. The Eagles might hold it for the late signing period in the spring or on a transfer next year.

As for Farrell’s future, he says that there is no set plan to redshirt him, but if the team needs him to redshirt, he is open to it. Farrell appears to be a team guy and willing to do anything it takes to make an impact for the Eagles.