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Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff

The 'Ol Duke, Carolina Thing

Please, please settle our dispute before it comes to blows over which Duke, Carolina recruiting class (2002: J.J. Redick, Raymond Felton classes) was ranked higher in your final team recruiting rankings.

Joe Vicars
Durham, N.C. A: Joe, as a longtime reader you know what great fun it is to look back and check the swishes and bricks. In this instance, Duke topped UNC. Both Duke and UNC corralled six players from the Class of 2002. This occurred while the five/eight recruiting rule (which limited the number of signees to five in any one year and eight over any two years) remained in effect, hence the reason that Lee Melchionni and David Noel walked on to their respective teams for one season and took a scholarship thereafter. Carolina had the edge at the top of the class, with all three of Raymond Felton (No. 3, behind Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony), Rashad McCants (No. 4) and Sean May (No. 9) ranked in the national top 10. Duke, meanwhile, boasted three players from the top 15: Shelden Williams (No. 10), J.J. Redick (No. 12) and Shavlik Randolph (No. 15). Where the Devils got the better of the Heels was with its other three recruits. Sean Dockery (No. 25), Michael Thompson (No. 30) and Melchionni (No. 119) had more impressive prep credentials than UNC's Byron Sanders (No. 133), Damion Grant (No. 139) and Noel (No. 255). For the most part, our rankings effectively predicted the outcomes for the two classes. Of the seven players ranked in the national top 25, five unquestionably have lived up to the hype. Redick, in particular, has exceeded it. The two remaining players, Randolph and Dockery, also are important contributors for the Blue Devils, but neither has posted much in terms of impressive stats to this point in his career.

Thompson spent little time in Durham before transferring to Northwestern, where he has averaged 10 points and five rebounds a game in an injury-plagued season. For the Tar Heels, one of their three lower-ranked recruits, Noel, has played above his reputation. He originally committed to UNC to play football, and as a result he received very little attention on the hardwood prior to the end of his senior season. Carolina's remaining recruits, Sanders and Grant, have been unable to crack this year's playing rotation, Grant missing numerous games because of lingering injuries.


State / Position / Name Hgt. Wt. Rank
OK BF Shelden Williams 6-9 230 No. 10
VA WG J.J. Redick 6-4 190 No. 12
NC BF/WF Shavlik Randolph 6-10 215 No. 15
IL PG Sean Dockery 6-2 170 No. 25
IL C Michael Thompson 6-10 245 No. 30
PA WF/BF Lee Melchionni 6-7 190 No. 119 - 2002-03 walk-on


SC PG Raymond Felton 6-1 180 No. 3
NC/NH WG/WF Rashad McCants 6-4 190 No. 4
IN BF Sean May 6-9 255 No. 9
MS BF Byron Sanders 6-8 225 No. 133
NH C Damion Grant 6-11 265 No. 139
NC WF David Noel 6-5 205 No. 255 - 2002-03 walk-on



  • 2002 Class Rankings courtesy of PrepStars.com

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