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Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff

October 6, 2003

Dave: One of my favorite things about your magazine is that, in every issue, your writers tell me a lot of interesting things I didn't already know. That's pretty impressive, because I read just about everything I can get my hands on, especially when it comes to my favorite school (Florida State) and the rest of the ACC. I don't mind the critical stuff, either, because that sets you apart from some of the (pro-FSU) internet sites I really like. Keep telling it like it is, baby! Your football coverage of the Seminoles has always been good, and I really liked your profile of Bobby Bowden over the summer. (The guy you hired to write that article, Steve Ellis of the Tallahassee newspaper, is very good.) I've enjoyed your articles on (basketball coach) Leonard Hamilton as well. It's nice to read so many positive things about our hoops program for a change. I was intrigued to read in one of your recent magazines that Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta, who recently put together a perfect game plan against us, is the highest-paid assistant coach in the ACC. I had never even heard of the guy before the Tech-FSU game, but he's obviously worth the big money. My question(s): I've always considered (FSU defensive coordinator) Mickey Andrews the best assistant coach in the ACC. What's his salary? How does that compare to the rest of the conference? Could you possibly print the salaries of all of the ACC assistant coaches? How do they compare to other conferences? Thanks in advance,

Charles Gooden

St. Petersburg, Fla. Charles: Thanks for your kind words and loyalty. Below is the salary information you requested. Please read the three notes at the bottom of this first list, because they help place it in its proper context. Jon Tenuta, GT, DC/DB: $225,000. Mickey Andrews, FSU, AHC/DC: $173,429. Al Golden, UVa, DC: $170,000. Noel Mazzone, NCSU, OC/TE: $160,000. Doc Holliday, NCSU, AHC/WR: $150,951. Gary Tranquill, UNC, OC/QB: $145,625. Kevin Steele, FSU, LB: $140,000. Gary Blackney, Md., DC/DB: $135,000. John Lovett, Clem., DC/DB: $135,000. Charlie Taaffe, Md., OC/QB: $135,000. Brad Scott, Clem., AHC/OC: $133,900. Ron Prince, UVa, OC/OL: $130,000. Dan Rocco, UVa, AHC/LB: $128,000. Joe Pate, NCSU, DL/ST: $126,183. Mike Barry, NCSU, OL: $125,000. Brick Haley, GT, LB: $125,000. Dave Huxtable, UNC, DC/LB: $125,000. James Webster, UNC, AHC/ST: $124,125. Curt Cignetti, NCSU, QB/RC: $120,900. Buddy Geis, GT, WR/OC-pass: $120,000. Mike O'Cain, Clem., QB: $118,450. Jeff Bowden, FSU, OC/WR: $116,265. Mike London, UVa, DL/RC: $116,000. Greg Williams, NCSU, CB: $115,500. Ken Browning, UNC, TE: $113,500. Dick Portee, NCSU, RB: $111,996. Ron West, Clem., OL: $110,559. Billy Sexton, FSU, AHC/RB: $110,115. Hal Hunter, UNC, OL: $110,000. Dabo Swinney, Clem., WR: $110,000. Bob Price, UVa, DB: $108,000. Jim Fleming, UNC, DB: $107,000. Brad Lawing, UNC, DL/RC: $107,000. Daryl Dickey, FSU, QB: $106,015. Tom Brattan, Md., OL: $105,000. Joe D'Alessandris, GT, OL: $105,000. Tommie Robinson, GT, TE: $105,000. Glenn Spencer, GT, DL: $105,000. Odell Haggins, FSU, DT: $103,785. Jimmy Heggins, FSU, OL: $103,429. David Blackwell, Clem., LB/RC: $103,000. Burton Burns, Clem., RB: $103,000. Gunter Brewer, UNC, WR: $102,000. David Wilson, GT, ST/RC: $100,000. James Franklin, Md., WR/RC: $99,000. Mike Groh, UVa, QB/WR: $96,000. John Lilly, FSU, TE/RC: $95,765. Andre Powell, UNC, RB: $95,000. Corwin Brown, UVa, ST: $92,000. Andy Heck, UVa, TE: $92,000. Curtis Modkins, GT, RB: $92,000. Kevin Ross, UVa, RB: $92,000. Thielen Smith, Clem., DL: $90,846. Jack Hines, Clem., OLB/RV: $90,846. Chris Demarest, NCSU, S: $88,877. Ray Rychleski, Md., ST/TE: $85,000. Al Seamonson, Md., OLB: $85,000. Dave Sollazzo, Md., DL: $85,000. Patrick Nix, GT, QB/OC-run: $83,000. Bill O'Brien, Md., RB: $81,961. Tim Banks, Md., ILB: $81,000. Manny Diaz, NCSU, LB: $75,600. Jody Allen, FSU, DE: $71,750. Note1: A handful of assistant coaches supplement their salaries with other income related to the program. Clemson's Scott, for example, makes an extra $20,000 a year through the Tigers' radio and TV packages. The numbers above reflect only the coaches' salaries, not including incentives or other potential bonuses. Note2: AHC means assistant head coach or, in the case of FSU's Andrews, associate head coach. DC means defensive coordinator. OC means offensive coordinator. RC means recruiting coordinator. ST means special teams coordinator. All other abbreviations are for the various position coaches. Note3: Duke, Wake Forest and other private universities are not required to disclose salary information. Public institutions are required to provide such data, generally speaking, thanks to a variety of public-information and open-records laws. Coaches at state-supported institutions are regarded as state employees. Those at private schools are not. Here are the average salaries, by school, for ACC assistant coaches during the 2003-04 academic year: N.C. State: $119,445. Georgia Tech: $117,778. North Carolina: $114,361. Virginia: $113,778. Florida State: $113,395. Clemson: $110,622. Maryland: $99,107. Duke: unknown. Wake Forest: unknown. In comparison, here are this year's averages for assistant coaches in the SEC, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this summer: Alabama: $145,556. Kentucky: $139,111. Tennessee: $132,622. Auburn: $131,582. LSU: $128,140. Georgia: $126,616. Florida: $118,763. South Carolina: $112,906. Mississippi State: $103,378. Arkansas: $102,778. Mississippi: $78,972. Vanderbilt: unknown. Thanks again for your support.

Dave Glenn, Editor