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All-ACC Ballot Snapshot, Feb. 25

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 2:19pm

Jim Young offers his All-ACC ballot as of Feb. 25.

Again, no time for idle banter. Lots of content to put up on the site. Let's get straight to the rankings.

Jim YoungJim Young

Your usual reminder: This is what my All-ACC ballot would look like if I had to turn it in today. I take into account the whole body of work, but as the season goes along, I put more and more emphasis on a player's performance in league play. And yes, how well your team is performing also plays a role. 

1. T.J. WARREN, F, N.C. STATE (23.3 PPG, 7.1 RPG, 52.3% FG)

Previous rank: 1

Stats since last ranking: (2 games) 25.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 2.5 spg.

Warren had an off game at Clemson ... and scored 20 points on 8-of-15 shooting. 

With each passing game, the job UVa did on Warren (he scored just four points against the Cavaliers) looks more and more remarkable.


Previous rank: 2

Stats since last ranking:  (3 games) 17.3 ppg, 11.7 rpg, 2.0 bpg.

Parker continues to pile up the rebounds (An even more critical stat for the size-challenged Blue Devil) is scoring at a decent clip and shot well in the last week (19 of 31, 61.3%). The one chink in the armor? Those 4.3 turnovers per game during that stretch. 

3. K.J. MCDANIELS, F CLEMSON (17.0 PPG, 7.1 RPG, 2.8 BPG)

Previous ranking: 4

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 14.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 4.0 bpg, 2.0 spg.

McDaniels' defense (6 blocks!!!) helped lift Clemson to a win over N.C. State, while he scored 16 of the Tigers' 63 points in a hard-fought victory at Georgia Tech. Both Ws were critical to Clemson's NCAA push, something that would be impossible without McDaniels' huge contributions. 

4. LAMAR PATTERSON, G/F, PITT (17.2 PPG, 4.4 APG, 4.6 RPG)

Previous rank: 3

Stats since last ranking: (1 games) 22 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists.

Patterson's offensive numbers are on the rebound, but his teams fortunes are not. That's the big reason why he dropped another spot. 

5. MARCUS PAIGE, G, UNC (16.9 PPG, 4.6 APG, 1.6 SPG)

Previous ranking: 5

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 13.0 ppg, 4.0 apg.

Paige was a non-factor in the first half against Duke, but was huge in the second. He didn't do a ton against Wake Forest because, well, it was Wake Forest. 

For now, I'm keeping Paige on the first team, but I suspect it's going to be a very tight race between him, Patterson and Ennis for the last two spots on the top squad. 

6. TYLER ENNIS, G, SYRACUSE (12.0 PPG, 5.6 APG, 2.1 SPG)

Previous ranking: 6

Stats since last ranking: (2 games) 14.5 ppg, 4.5 apg, 3.0 spg.

I wasn't terribly impressed by Ennis when watching him against Duke but ... the stat line wasn't too shabby (6 assists, 2 TOs, 4 steals). That's kind of the thing with Ennis - not a whole lot of flash, but you can't argue with the results.

Oh also, Ennis' minutes per game over the last three contests? 41.0. Yeah, I'd say he's pretty critical to the Orange.

7. C.J. FAIR, F, SYRACUSE (16.5 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 1.3 SPG)

Previous rank: 7

Stats since last ranking: (2 games) 14.5 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 14-of-29 shooting.

Fair's pedestrian shooting (he's 43.4% for the season, 41.3% in ACC play) is one of the big reasons why he's not on my first team. But he was pretty efficient last week.


Previous ranking: 9

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 12.5 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 4.5 apg. 

Brogdon's climb up this ballot continues, but now the way ahead gets steeper. It's going to take some big games for him to crack the top seven. This ballot is certainly weighted toward ACC play, but I do take non-conference play into account. And Brogdon's been having to make up a lot of ground because of non-descript numbers in November and December.

9. RODNEY HOOD, F, DUKE (16.3 PPG, 47.4% FG)

Previous rank: 8

Stats since last ranking: (3 games) 14.3 ppg, 2.7 rpg

I know Duke played a murderous stretch last week, but ... 0 rebounds against UNC? One against Georgia Tech? Gotta do more than just score, Mr. Hood.


Previous ranking: 10

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 15.5 ppg.

Hanlan played like an All-ACC guy in BC's stunning upset of Syracuse, scoring 20 points. He was .... not so good (11 points, 2-of-7 shoting) in BC's 27-point loss at Miami. There's a connection there. I'm sure of it.

11. JAMES MICHAEL MCADOO, F, (14.4 PPG, 6.9 RPG, 1.4 SPG)

Previous ranking: 12

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 10.5 ppg, 6.5 rpg

The window of opporunity is open for JMM to make a jump onto the second team, but he needs a few games with bigger numbers.

12. RION BROWN, G/F Miami (15.0 ppg, 6.3 rpg)

Previous ranking: Unranked

Stats Since Last Week: (2 games) 21.5 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 3.5 apg

Last week Brown was the guy I had the hardest time leaving off my ballot. Given the multiple subpar performances of other third-teamers this week, there was no doubt Brown was going to get his spot this time. He only strengthened his case by turning in two strong performances in two Miami wins last week. 


Previous ranking: 11

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 4.5 ppg, 2.0 apg.

Eric, buddy, pal, wha' happen?

14. DEZ WELLS,  G/F (14.8 PPG, 4.4 RPG)

Previous ranking: 15

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 game) 10.5 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 2.5 spg.

Wells continued his on-again, off-again performance trend last week, but the fact that he was on at all (15 points, 7 rebounds against Syracuse) makes him worthy of a boost in the rankings on the third team. 

15. TALIB ZANNA, F, PITT (12.2 PPG, 8.1 RPG)

Previous ranking: 14

Stats Since Last Ranking: (1 games) 7 points, 14 rebounds. 

Zanna's holding on to the last spot in these rankings, but it's by a thread. Scoring in single digits in four of the last six games? Not a good look. 

Fortunately for Zanna, there's not a clear candidate to replace him. Ryan Anderson ... maybe?



Previous ranking: 13

Stats Since Last Ranking: (2 games) 6.0 ppg, 5.0 apg

Part of the allure of CMM early on was that he was the go-to guy on a Wake team that was a pleasant surprise. Now Wake's lost seven in a row and CMM went scoreless in a 33-point loss at UNC. So ... yeah. 


(In alphabetical order)

Ryan Anderson, F, Boston College

Quinn Cook, G, Duke

Pat Connaughton, G/F, Notre Dame

Trae Golden, G, Georgia Tech

Jerami Grant, F, Syracuse 

Joe Harris, G/F, Virginia

Daniel Miller, C, Georgia Tech

Ian Miller, G, FSU

Garrick Sherman, C, Notre Dame

Aaron Thomas, G, FSU

Devin Thomas, F, Wake Forest

Okaro White, F, FSU

Cameron Wright, G, Pitt

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