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ACCSports.com Podcast: Noles And Bowls

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10:39pm
By: Hayes Permar

Fun with flight tracking, stupid ATV tricks, final thoughts on the ACC title game, a look at the league's leeeenghty bowl schedule and an ACC/Big Ten Challenge recap . All discussed on this week's ACCSports.com podcast.

Welcome in to the latest ACCSports.com Podcast, presented by Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q!

Musical selection this week from Dillon Fence (Christmas) and LeBron LeBon (All I Want Is Megan Fox For Christmas).  

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Here are a few time stamps to note from their conversation earlier this week:

0:08 - Hayes gives the rundown.

0:57 - Are ADs still not aware of the flight tracking? Or do they just not care? Somehow this turns into a semi-heated argument.

8:28 - Hayes forces Jim to relive his car wreck from last week. The horror, the horror ... Then Hayes tells a story about being a complete idiot on an ATV.

15:15 - Final thoughts on the ACC title game or: "How Duke could acquit itself well and STILL lose by 38 points." And then it's pretty much an FSU lovefest.

23:44 - ELEVEN TEAMS IN BOWL. HOW YOU LIKE THE ACC NOW!!!?!??!! And what exactly happened with the whole Duke/Miami Chick-fil-A Bowl saga?

32:01 - Jim copes with his disappointment that Pitt's not in the BBVA/Compass bowl for the third straight year. Meanwhile, Hayes doesn't know Pitt's bowl or its opponent. To be fair though, his ACC bowl ignorance goes beyond the "new guys." Then Hayes makes it sound like he's actually going to pull AGAINST Syracuse in its bowl game. 

37:26 - ACC/Big Ten Challenge recap. So ... which league won? And what are we supposed to make of UNC now? And why is Hayes so down on Leslie McDonald? Jim tries to steer the conversation over to ... the "new guys." 

47:41 - Jim brings Hayes up to speed on the Virginia Tech-Miami basketball game that was played ... on Sunday.

50:18 - Reliving Duke-Michigan, including Adam Gold's Jabari Parker man-crush, flying shoes and Hayes beefing with the Crazies.