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ACCSports.com Podcast: Duke Dominance

Thursday, November 21, 2013 10:08am
By: Hayes Permar

Brace yourself for a lot of Duke talk this week. Oh and some dissection of the league's hoops troubles. Yep, it's all discussed on the latest ACCSports.com Podcast, presented by Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q

Musical selection this week from The Connells (Get A Gun). 

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Here are a few time stamps to note from their conversation earlier this week:

0:08 - Hayes gives the rundown.

0:50 - Warning: There's going to be a loooot of Duke talk on this podcast. Can't be avoided. First up - Jim is finally starting to believe in the Blue Devils' football team. Also, Jim tries to take credit for voting Duke fifth in the Coastal instead of seventh. 

7:43 - How about BC football? Specifically Andre Williams, a.ka. #Andre2000? (Sadly, Jim didn't come up with this nickname until after the podcast was recorded.) 

9:14 - Even when trying to pay Pitt a compliment, Hayes still ends up insulting the Panthers. They quickly put this behind them and talk about Ryan Switzer and the genius of great punt/kick returners.

14:03 - Jim can't remember what Syracuse did last Saturday ... then realizes that Syracuse fans don't want to remember either. 

16:05 - In praise of the "bend but don't break" defense. 

19:30 - Hypothetical question for Duke football: What's better: Go 9-3 and not win the Coastal? Or 10-2, win the Coastal and then get humiliated by FSU on national television in the ACC Championship Game?

24:35 - #Breaking. Duke now has 2015 football commitment named ... Zach Morris. Saved by the Bell and ACC sports intersect again!!!

25:38 - Tough time for ACC basketball. In particular, tough times at UNC. 

34:40 - Does Virginia Tech coach James Johnson have the most thankless task in college basketball?

38:55 - Maryland talk! No seriously ... we talk Maryland hoops, football and ... the ACC Tournament in D.C.

42:22 - Back to Duke. This time it's hoops recruiting. Has K changed his approach on the trail? And does LeBron consider K to be "his coach"?