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ACC In The NBA, Jan. 21

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 12:14am
By: Carlos Collazo

Jared Dudley (Boston College) was taken out of the Clippers' starting lineup for the first time this season last night against the Detroit Pistons. Coach Doc Rivers said Dudley needed to find some more consistency for the team on defense.

Trevor Booker (Clemson) is a valuable source of energy for the Washington Wizards. They lost a bit of that when he had to come out of their game against the Pistons after a collision with Marcin Gortat.

Some people aren't expecting Elton Brand (Duke) to make a huge difference with the Atlanta Hawks in Al Horford's absence.

Kyrie Irving (Duke) couldn't lead the Cavs to a comeback win against the Mavericks, but he still scored 26 points and dished out nine assists.

It was Luol Deng's (Duke) first game with the Cavaliers in Cleveland. He scored 20 points on a nice day at the field. He was 5-for-8 from the floor and 8-for-9 from the free throw line.

The NBA began a new campaign in honor of Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month, with Chris Bosh (Georgia Tech).

Steve Blake (Maryland) started practicing with the Lakers but was still only able to use his left hand. Blake is recovering from an elbow injury to his shooting (right) arm.

Shane Larkin (Miami) recently had a breakout game with the Dallas Mavericks, helping them to a 110-107 win against the Phoenix Suns. Larkin dropped 18 points and also added five assists.

Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina) is trying to bring his toughness, and the playoff experience he got with the Indiana Pacers to a young Toronto Raptors team.

Since his breakout performance with the Lakers several weeks ago, Kendall Marshall (North Carolina) has been raising eyebrows. Marshall is averaging 13 points and 12 assists per game for Los Angeles.

Lorenzo Brown (N.C. State) wasn't helping the Philadelphia 76ers' three-point shooting during their past few losses. 

Steven Adams (Pittsburgh) is still trying to work past his fouling problems. In the past three games, Adams has fouled out before playing 20 minutes.

Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse) can only shake his head at the New York Knicks' play this season. 

Michael Carter-Williams (Syracuse) ended talk of a rookie slump after a 31-point performance against the Washington Wizards Monday.

OK, he's no longer playing in the NBA, but Charlotte owner Michael Jordan (North Carolina) might just be getting another statue. This one in Indianapolis, for some reason.