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Acc Hoops Finale!!! ... Get Back To The "great Stuff" You've Been Missing!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff


"The pressure in those (one-NCAA-bid) years was unbelievable. It was toughest on the team that finished first, because if you lost you felt like you had taken a great season and blown the whole thing. … I'm not sure I've ever completely gotten over that (1970 ACC championship) game. We could have won the national title (at South Carolina), but we didn't even get a chance to compete for it."

-- Former Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins

"We all know that the NCAA Tournament ultimately decides your season, but in the ACC it has always been important to be the best guy on your block. That's what the ACC Tournament still decides: who the best guy on the block for that year is. Everyone wants to be that guy."

-- Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski

"The only thing I can compare (the ACC Tournament) to is like a Final Four."

-- Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser

"I have concerns about Carolina, Duke, N.C. State and Wake Forest being able to stay in their own beds and eat their own food every time we go to Carolina (for the ACC Tournament). I have concerns, the way it's set up, those teams get to play road games where they don't have to get on a plane; they don't have to get on a bus, really. Our fans shouldn't be the fans that always have to spend money,
always have to travel. There should be balance; the league aims for a level playing field."

-- Maryland coach Gary Williams



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