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Acc Champs In The Ncaa Tournament

Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff

Year First Place NCAA Champion NCAA
1954 NA NA N.C. State Sweet 16
1955 NA NA N.C. State (probation)
1956 NA NA N.C. State Round of 32
1957 NA NA North Carolina Champions
1958 NA NA Maryland Sweet 16
1959 NA NA N.C. State (probation)
1960 NA NA Duke Elite Eight
1961 NA NA Wake Forest Elite Eight
1962 NA NA Wake Forest Final Four
1963 NA NA Duke Final Four
1964 NA NA Duke Runner-up
1965 NA NA N.C. State Sweet 16
1966 NA NA Duke Final Four
1967 NA NA North Carolina Final Four
1968 NA NA North Carolina Runner-up
1969 NA NA North Carolina Final Four
1970 NA NA N.C. State Sweet 16
1971 NA NA South Carolina Sweet 16
1972 NA NA North Carolina Final Four
1973 NA NA N.C. State (probation)
1974 NA NA N.C. State Champions
1975 Maryland Elite Eight North Carolina Sweet 16
1976 North Carolina Round of 32 Virginia Round of 32
1977 North Carolina Runner-up North Carolina Runner-up
1978 North Carolina Round of 32 Duke Runner-up
1979 Duke/UNC Round of 32 North Carolina Round of 32
1980 Maryland Sweet 16 Duke Elite Eight
1981 Virginia Final Four North Carolina Runner-up
1982 UNC/UVa Champions North Carolina Champions
1983 UNC/UVa Sweet 16 N.C. State Champions
1984 North Carolina Sweet 16 Maryland Sweet 16
1985 GT/UNC/NCSU Elite Eight Georgia Tech Elite Eight
1986 Duke Runner-up Duke Runner-up
1987 North Carolina Elite Eight N.C. State Round of 64
1988 North Carolina Elite Eight Duke Final Four
1989 N.C. State Sweet 16 North Carolina Sweet 16
1990 Clemson Sweet 16 Georgia Tech Final Four
1991 Duke Champions North Carolina Final Four
1992 Duke Champions Duke Champions
1993 North Carolina Champions Georgia Tech Round of 64
1994 Duke Runner-up North Carolina Round of 32
1995 NC/UVa/Md./WF Final Four Wake Forest Sweet 16
1996 Georgia Tech Sweet 16 Wake Forest Elite Eight
1997 Duke Round of 32 North Carolina Final Four
1998 Duke Elite Eight North Carolina Final Four
1999 Duke Runner-up Duke Runner-up
2000 Duke Sweet 16 Duke Sweet 16
2001 Duke/UNC Champions Duke Champions
2002 Maryland Champions Duke Sweet 16
2003 Wake Forest Round of 32 Duke Sweet 16
2004 Duke Final Four Maryland Round of 32
2005 North Carolina Champions Duke Sweet 16
2006 Duke Sweet 16 Duke Sweet 16

FACT: In the first 53 years of ACC basketball, 24 of the 50 league champions (48 percent) who participated in the NCAA Tournament advanced to the Final Four, and six of those teams won the national championship.

NOTE1: Prior to 1975, only one team per conference could go to the NCAA Tournament.

NOTE2: In years when there was a tie for first place during the regular season, the chart indicates the best NCAA performance (by team(s) listed first) among the tied teams.