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ACC Basketball Schedule Tidbits

Friday, August 23, 2013 9:06am

I’m a charter member of #TeamScheduleYawn. I just don’t get why some folks get excited when the ACC basketball schedules come out each year around this time. I’ve been following this league for a while and they invariably still wait until November to, you know, actually play the games.

But I know some of you DO care about these schedules. So I’ll indulge you a bit.

The biggest item of interest was the addition of Monday games to the schedule. And that means a new wrinkle, two-day turnarounds for teams that play on Saturday and then have to play again on Monday.

Leave it to ACC stats/scheduling savant Patrick Stevens to uncover this nugget: 

Translation, there are only two times when an ACC team plays on Monday that it does NOT have to play on the preceding Saturday. BOTH of those times the lucky team is Maryland. 

Swofford is SOOO in the tank for the Terps. They also get Syracuse two days after the Orange play at Duke. 

Speaking of Duke and Syracuse, the Orange won’t be moving the court at the Carrier Dome in search of a 50,000-person crowd for the Blue Devils’ visit.  Sounds like they really liked the idea but just couldn’t work out the logistics. Bummer. As Sean Keeley, aka @nunesmagician points out, if you can’t move the court to the center of the dome for this game, it’s probably never going to happen. 

 Other ACC newbie news – Notre Dame plays its first-ever ACC game on Jan. 4 against Duke, at home. Pitt, meanwhile, opens up at N.C. State that Saturday. Its first home ACC games is against Maryland, the following Monday.  Syracuse has a Big East reunion for its first ACC game, at home against Miami.

The ACC will get the ESPN College GameDay treatment twice: first for that Duke visit to Syracuse (Feb. 1) and second for UNC’s visit to Duke at the end of the regular season (March 8). 

Want more? You can check out the full schedule right here

Oh and here’s what Jeff Fischel of the ACC Digital Network thinks about the schedule.

Okay, there’s your schedule fix. Now, a reminder – it’s only one week until the ACC football season starts. Let’s not take our collective eye off the ball, people.