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October 1, 2008
The ACC Sports Journal has had a cult-like following since its origins as “The PooP Sheet” 31 years ago, but something happened to me last year that... Read more
October 1, 2008
The Tom O’Brien vs. Boston College story line <doesn’t carry as much weight this year. Maybe that’s because it’s been another year since his... Read more
October 1, 2008
"I expect to see the Virginia that we’ve all come to know." Duke coach David Cutcliffe, Sep. 23 Cutcliffe probably meant that as a compliment,... Read more
October 1, 2008
Not that you had any doubts by now, but here’s some confirmation that Boston College has joined the ranks of two quarterback teams. Oh, and the... Read more
October 1, 2008
In 2006, Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden famously gaffed when he blamed “eBay and e-mail and all that junk” for having to fire his son Jeff... Read more
It didn’t take Frank Beamer and the Hokies long to get back on top of the ACC.

(Associated Press/Nati Harnik)
September 30, 2008
C’mon. You really expect me to do this? How am I supposed to rank the ACC from 1-12 with any semblance of accuracy when you’ve got folks like BC... Read more