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Virginia's 2008 Class On The Offensive

Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff

By David Glenn

August 30, 2007

The state of Virginia's 2008 class is top-heavy with offensive players, including two quarterbacks (No. 1 E.J. Manuel, No. 5 Mike Glennon), three wide receivers (No. 2 Deion Walker, No. 6 Kerry Boykins, No. 7 D.J. Coles), two offensive tackles (No. 3 Vinston Painter, No. 8 Jimmy Bennett) and two tailbacks (No. 4 Ryan Williams, No. 9 Kevin Whaley) in the top 10 alone.

Virginia Tech has secured a significant chunk of the state's top talent thus far this year, with commitments from 10 of the top 30 prospects, including two more from our "Others Worth Watching" list. Although none of the current Tech pledges is ranked in the top 10, the Hokies remain in the hunt for several of those elite players as well.

The Virginia Tech commitments within the top 30 include three wide receivers (No. 11 Xavier Boyce, No. 18 Derrick McCoy, No. 27 Austin Fuller), three linebackers (No. 20 Allen Stephens, No. 25 Jake Johnson, No. 26 Lyndell Gibson), two running backs (No. 19 Dyrell Roberts, No. 23 Tony Gregory), a defensive back (No. 28 Peter Rose) and a defensive end (No. 30 Isaiah Hamlette).

The majority of the state's top-ranked players remain uncommitted heading into their respective high school seasons, although three members of the top 10 have chosen ACC schools – Manuel to Florida State, Glennon to N.C. State, and Boykins to Maryland. Other ACC schools to pick up Old Dominion State prospects include North Carolina (No. 12 Todd Harrelson, top-30 Randy White) and Virginia (No. 13 Klinton Ruff).


No. Name Pos. Ht./Wt. School College Favorites
(Commitment In CAPS)
1. E.J. Manuel QB 6-4/205 Virginia Beach Bayside FLORIDA STATE
2. Deion Walker WR 6-4/185 Christchurch School Aub., BC, Clem., Fla., FSU, LSU, Neb., NCSU, ND, PSU, USC, Tenn., UVa
3. Vinston Painter OL 6-5/310 Norfolk Maury Fla., Ga., Miami, PSU, VT
4. Ryan Williams RB 5-10/200 Manassas Stonewall Jackson Clem., Fla., Md., NCSU, ND, Pitt, Tenn., UVa, VT
5. Mike Glennon QB 6-6/195 Chantilly Westfield N.C. STATE
6. Kerry Boykins WR 6-1/200 Chesapeake Oscar Smith MARYLAND
7. D.J. Coles WR 6-4/200 Goochland High Ga., Md., UVa, VT, WVU
8. Jimmy Bennett OL 6-8/275 Dumfries Potomac BC, Clem., Md., Mich.St., PSU, Pitt, UVa, VT, WVU
9. Kevin Whaley RB/DB 5-9/170 Virginia Beach Salem UConn, Marsh., Md., UVa, VT
10. Mike Beckford CB 6-0/185 Charlottesville Albemarle Clem., UConn, Md., UVa
11. Xavier Boyce WR/DB 6-3/200 Virginia Beach Landstown VIRGINIA TECH
12. Todd Harrelson WR 6-0/180 Chesapeake Oscar Smith NORTH CAROLINA
13. Klinton Ruff DT 6-3/295 Norfolk Norview VIRGINIA
14. Bobby Massee OT 6-7/300 Lynchburg Liberty Christian Clem., Ga., UNC, VT
15. Morgan Carter WR/DB 6-3/195 Woodbridge C.D. Hylton UConn, Duke, Mich.St., Rut., Temple
16. Antoine Hopkins DE 6-1/260 Highland Springs High Syr., Tenn., UVa, VT
17. Marcus Davis WR/DB 6-4/225 Virginia Beach Ocean Lakes PSU, Tenn., UVa, VT
18. Derrick McCoy WR 6-3/210 Amherst County VIRGINIA TECH
19. Dyrell Roberts RB 6-2/195 Smithfield High VIRGINIA TECH
20. Allen Stephens LB 6-2/250 South Boston Halifax County VIRGINIA TECH
21. Rotell Jenkins WR 6-2/185 Richmond Huguenot Fla., Miami, OSU, PSU, Tenn., UVa, VT
22. Donovan Miles LB 6-1/225 Stafford Brooke Point WEST VIRGINIA
23. Tony Gregory RB 5-11/180 Virginia Beach First Colonial VIRGINIA TECH
24. J.J. Dorsey QB/DB 6-1/190 Winchester John Handley WEST VIRGINIA
25. Jake Johnson LB 6-2/230 Fredericksburg Stafford VIRGINIA TECH
26. Lyndell Gibson LB 6-0/215 Virginia Beach Salem VIRGINIA TECH
27. Austin Fuller WR 6-2/190 Richlands High VIRGINIA TECH
28. Peter Rose S 6-1/185 Amherst County VIRGINIA TECH
29. Ben Barber WR 5-11/195 Alexandria Edison Md., PSU, Tenn., UVa, VT
30. Isaiah Hamlette DE 6-4/245 Stafford Brooke Point VIRGINIA TECH


Justin Gilbert OL 6-6/280 Richmond Monacan  
Jeron Gouveia S 6-1/180 Ashburn Stone Bridge VIRGINIA TECH
Darryl Hamilton CB 5-8/175 Clifton Centreville  
Derek Jackson LB 6-0/215 Glen Allen Deep Run PURDUE
Chris Johnson DE 6-4/210 Virginia Beach Tallwood  
Eric Martin TE 6-2/235 Woodbridge C.D. Hylton VIRGINIA TECH
Tommy Reamon Jr. QB 6-2/195 Gloucester High  
Justin Thorpe WR/DB 6-1/200 Richmond Varina  
Randy White TE/DS 6-5/230 Bristol High NORTH CAROLINA
Jamal Wilson WR 5-11/175 Chesapeake Oscar Smith  



  • – rankings by the ACC Sports Journal and ACCSports.com

NOTE: College lists current through 2007 Kickoff edition of ACC Sports Journal.