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Top Recruit Made Gillen Sweat

Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff

September 17, 1999 It's refreshing to see a kid with a great personality put it to good use. It's equally pleasing, actually quite fun, watching big-time college programs sweat out the decisions of big-time recruits. Such was the case with recent Virginia commitment Majestic Mapp.

Mapp told www.prepstars.com that, upon visiting the Virginia campus, he had a revelation. He realized, after talking with the school's coaches and academic counselors, that Virginia was the right place for him. That's where things got fun. Rather than telling the Virginia staff of his decision in a straightforward manner, Mapp and his high school coach, Gary DeCesare, laid out a plan.

While Pete Gillen peppered the young star with questions, hoping to hear those magic words – "I'm coming to Virginia, coach" – Mapp and DeCesare sat back with professional poker faces, not tipping their hand one bit as Gillen squirmed. If Mapp didn't eventually tell Gillen he needed to go to the bathroom, the coach might still be pitching his program. With Mapp indisposed, Gillen – who fully expected a commitment during the visit – struggled to understand why he seemed to be treading water with DeCesare's player. Still, DeCesare offered no explanation, except to indicate that Mapp heard some things about other players that concerned him. Gillen's nerves were frayed. Of course, Majestic had the whole thing Mapped (sorry) out. In his backpack was a Virginia t-shirt and cap. As planned, he changed duds in the bathroom and proudly announced to what was now an extremely nervous coach that he was going to be a Cavalier.

To say that Gillen was excited wouldn't do the situation much justice. But the coach's first high school recruit at Virginia didn't come easy. Mapp made him earn his commitment, and had a pretty good time doing so.