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Spring Football ... In Other Words

Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:41am
By: Accsports Staff

April 25, 2005 "I think probably the jump that the defensive line has made since the end of last year (was the Wolfpack's top story of the spring). I shouldn't say that, because I will probably eat my words on that, but it has been big."

— N.C. State coach Chuck Amato

"How about that (estimated 35,000 crowd for the team's spring-ending scrimmage)? I think that makes a statement about our program, what we're all about, and about the atmosphere here at Lane Stadium."

— Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer

"Our defense has really made major strides over the spring. We have a chance to be really good. I've challenged them. We've been in the hundreds (statistically) three straight years. It's time to get below that this year. In order to win week to week, you've got to have a good defense. I know what one looks like, and we're getting closer."

— North Carolina coach John Bunting

"I think it's very obvious offensively: You need a star. You need a star. You have that potential with (tailback) Leon Washington, you have that potential with (Lorenzo) Booker. Now it has to come from the quarterback. You don't need just a good quarterback. You need somebody to come out and star like (Chris) Weinke did, like Charlie (Ward). The big thing I see out of the two freshmen (Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford) is potential."

— Florida State coach Bobby Bowden

"I have been real pleased with (the team's veteran leadership). We might lose a couple games early, but it might be quality of competition as opposed to quality of leadership. I feel as good about that aspect of it this early than maybe in the last few years. It may be the best since I have been here."

— Clemson coach Tommy Bowden

"What we're doing is going through all the spring tapes and just making sure that what we see is accurate and try to grade everything and re-evaluate everything, and make sure we're fair to both players. I could see both players playing. There's really no timetable for naming a guy. When the time's right, we'll do it. … "(Kyle Wright is) a little bit ahead. I think right now they're both very talented. I think the big thing (is) probably Kirby Freeman has a little more speed than Kyle Wright. I think Kyle's a little more polished as a quarterback and a little more knowledgeable in our offense because he's been here longer."

— Miami coach Larry Coker

"I really let some things get away (last season). I really screwed up. I don't know what was wrong with me, if I was raising too much money or what. … I have cut down a lot (on outside activities). I haven't played golf yet. Every speaking engagement — I think I have done one or two. "I've gotten back with the players more, been in the weight room more with them. After I talked to each and every player at the end of last year, one of the things I realized is they were only seeing me from one aspect, and that was disciplinarian. I always handle the bad things. They were coming to my office. I felt I needed to see the other side, and get out, get in the weight room and eat dinner with them. So I'm back to being around them more."

— Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen

"The quarterbacks made poor reads. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it. … They've got to grow up and start doing what they're supposed to do. … If you can't read the free safety, you can't play major college football. You probably can't even play against some good high schools."

— Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen

"I think we've come to expect everything that Calvin (Johnson) does. He's obviously a great player who can go out and make some big plays, and he tends to do that every time he's on the field."

— Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey

"I've told Cory (Randolph) this: They can't be even. If they're ever even, the young guy gets the nod. Right now I would say Ben (Mauk) is a little ahead of Cory at the end of spring practice. He's kind of the guy right now, and Cory's going to have to come on and take it away from him. "We would like to have a quarterback and have a good, strong backup. I know neither one of those kids would be happy with that situation. But we've got a little bit of time. We will have a good summer, and then we'll get back in August. If it remains the way it is right now, then Ben would get the nod."

— Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe

"I think it's certainly true in football, as it's played these days, that to be able to rise to the very highest level you have to be able to pass the ball very effectively. That doesn't necessarily mean every week or every play, but there are certain times when you have to be able to do that. There were occasions last year when I thought we passed the ball very effectively. We did end up with a plus-60 completion percentage. But there are some occasions where we're looking to pass the ball with a little bit more firepower this year than last year."

— Virginia coach Al Groh

"(Quarterback Marques Hagans) just needs to build specifically off of his experiences from last year. He's been here for four years. He's been in games. He's been in all the stadiums. He's done a nice job. The key thing about Marques is that his team won eight games last year and won quite a few games that it wouldn't have won if he wasn't the quarterback. There are certainly some things that will be good learning experiences, or confirming experiences for him and the rest of the team through that."

— Virginia coach Al Groh

"It's over with. Oh God, (ACC expansion) was painful. It was a painful year and a half. … All I know is we were in Florida (at meetings) and I saw the Big East schedule and we weren't on it, and I thought, 'Thank God, maybe it is over.'"

— Boston College coach Tom O'Brien

"(Spring injuries) had an impact, but at the same time I think there's a silver lining to this. We were able to develop some depth because of that. If you look at last year's season for our football program, depth was an issue. If you look at plays 1 to 100, we were in pretty good shape in most of our games. But then once we started getting into the higher numbers, the more worn down we got. We're developing some depth through this and also through recruiting."

— Duke coach Ted Roof

"The front four can obviously be a dominant part of this defense. But it takes 11 to win in this game, and that means the other seven have got to continue to get better. Everyone has to continue to improve. It's great what they did last year, and everyone should be proud of what they did last year, but we've got to wipe that slate clean and go to work and make ourselves as good a defense as we can be this season. That's our goal right now. We've got to look forward."

— N.C. State defensive coordinator Steve Dunlap

"If we played a game next week, (Marcus Vick would be) starting that game. He's got what it takes. … Obviously, the last half of the spring, Marcus was appreciably better (than Tech's other quarterbacks). You can just look at black and white numbers. Pure and simple, there's a distinct difference right now."

— Virginia Tech quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers Archive  

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