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ACCSports.com Podcast: Trips, Terps & Traitors

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:00am
By: Hayes Permar

It's time again for the latest ACCSports.com Podcast, presented by Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q

Warning: This is the ACCSports.com episode that changes EVERYTHING.

Musical selection this week is from the Smashing Pumpkins (Tonight).  

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Here are a few time stamps to note from their Tuesday morning conversation:

0:08 - Hayes gives the rundown, and refuses to do so in third person.

1:13 - Quick recap of last weekend's games, including a nice win for Virginia Tech and BC falling victim to the trap game at USC. 

2:03 - Jim reveals Wake Forest is "pulling away" with last place in his weekly power rankings. We discuss the Deacs' woes.  

7:32 - STEF-on Diggs or Stef-ON Diggs - however you say his name - is really good. How good is Maryland? And how, as ACC fans, should we feel about the Terps' success? What about their matchup against West Virginia?!

10:11 - Hayes reveals his West Virginia University (not just the state) roots. Jim is shaken, and thinks perhaps Hayes is a WVU  spy planted in ACC country. 

12:18 - Clemson won't lose at NC State Thursday … right?   

14:43 - Pulling "for the ACC" means pulling for Clemson. Is that conference pride? Bragging rights? Entertainment value?   

19:18 - Why does Jim sound like he's in a remote Wal-Mart parking lot? Because he is. Super-Dad Jim is podcasting from his kid's multi-night field trip. 

23:46 -  We may be 18 years away from having a lot of football players named Jameis. 

28:41 - Wedding talk! Jim and Hayes both attended weddings last weekend, and of course there were ACC ties. 

30:18 - According to Jim's  sources, Coach K steams with his dress shoes on. 

37:23 - Hayes spots a Lennie Rosenbluth lookalike … who turns out to be Lennie Rosenbluth 

42:42 - Maybe the best end to the podcast to date.