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ACCSports.com Podcast: Bar-B-Q Bowl Week!

Thursday, October 31, 2013 9:58am
By: Hayes Permar

It's time again for the latest ACCSports.com Podcast, presented by Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q

Musical selection this week from the Lemonheads (Into Your Arms) and Paul Simon (Everything Put Together Falls Apart).  

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Here are a few time stamps to note from their Tuesday evening conversation:

0:08 - Hayes gives the rundown.

1:00 - Jim makes a guest appearance on the Riddick & Reynolds podcast. Hayes doesn't think FSU ran up the score enough against N.C. State. No, seriously. And he gets all cynical/paranoid about the BCS title game championship process. 

7:44 - So ... can Duke win the Coastal Division? LET'S GET HYPOTHETICAL!!

13:52 - Continuing an unprecedented stretch of Duke football talk, they ponder Duke's future non-conference schjedule. This really happened.

16:59 - Jim's not feeling the "Game of the Century" vibe from FSU-Miami.

20:14 - Hayes does not like stopping the clock after first downs. Jim's okay with it. Bickering ensues.

26:48 - You knew it was coming. Time to discuss the ... FIELD GOAL RANGE LINE!!! MOARRRR DIGITAL LINES!!!!!

30:18 - We need a Hail Mary Line, and a Punt Range Line, and odds calculations for fourth down attempts. 

33:00 - New school update time! ... Actually let's just skip Pitt, okay?

35:25 - Jim and Hayes try to get hype for UNC-N.C. State this week. They fail. Which naturally leads to talk of ...

39:58- THE Bar-B-Q BOWL!!!!.This UNC-N.C. State series need a little extra something. Pulled pork is the answer. 

46:15 - ACC in the NBA talk. Should we question the early college exits of several former ACC hoops stars?