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ACC Basketball Power Rankings, Feb. 28

Friday, February 28, 2014 5:21pm

Jim Young ranks the ACC's basketball teams, from 1 to 15.

Running behind. No chit-chat. Let's rank ...

NO. 1 VIRGINIA (24-5, 15-1 ACC, NO. 14 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 1

At the risk of angering the old-guard ACCers, I think it's really cool that the ACC regular season title will come down to a game between Syracuse and UVa in Charlottesville. Something completely new. I like it. I also like UVa to win.
Coming Up: Saturday vs. Syracuse

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NO. 2 SYRACUSE (26-2 OVERALL, 13-2 ACC, NO. 8 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 2

Am I surprised that Syracuse is no longer unbeaten? Nope. Would I be surprised if the Orange walked out of the JPJ with a close, hard-fought win? Nope.

Coming Up: Saturday at Virginia, Tuesday vs. Georgia Tech

NO. 3 UNC (21-7, 11-4 ACC, NO. 17 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 3

I can't ever recall sitting at the end of February and thinking, "You know, this UNC team is still flying under the radar a bit." And yet, I do believe that's the case nationally. My theory? These Tar Heels don't always win pretty, the way they usually do. I'm pretty sure Roy Williams has no complaints about the lack of style points.  

Coming Up: Saturday at Virginia Tech, Monday vs. Notre Dame

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NO. 4 DUKE (23-6, 12-4 ACC, NO. 7 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 4

Weird recent schedule for the Blue Devils. They go from playing four games in seven days to ... no games in eight days. They'll be well rested when they head over to Winston-Salem next Wednesday. Good luck with all that, Demon Deacons.

Coming Up: Wednesday at Wake Forest

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NO. 5 PITT (21-7, 9-6 ACC, NO. 45 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 5

I'm told I have to leave Pitt at No. 5 because I'm not allowed to just leave that spot blank in the rankings. So, congrats, Panthers. But seriously fellas, might want to stop messing around and go ahead and lock up an NCAA bid. Winning your next two would help considerably.

Coming Up: Saturday at Notre Dame, Monday vs. N.C. State

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NO. 6 N.C. STATE (17-11, 7-8 ACC, NO. 58 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 7

You look like an NCAA tournament team, N.C. State, you really do. But the resume? It's ... lacking. And while I feel like you've been snake-bitten in late-game situation, Barry Jacobs thinks some of those wounds have been self-inflicted. 

Coming Up: Saturday vs. Miami, Monday at Pitt

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NO. 7 FLORIDA STATE (16-11, 7-8 ACC, NO. 54 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 9

Of course FSU went up to Pitt with absolutely no momentum and controlled the game in getting a key road win. Of course. The Seminoles could run the table for the rest of the regular season. They could go winless. It's all in play.  

Coming Up: Sunday vs. Georgia Tech, FSU at Boston College

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NO. 8 CLEMSON (17-10, 8-7 ACC, NO. 69 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 6

Oh Clemson, I wanted to believe in you. I really did. But the Wake Forest loss was Lucy pulling away the football just as Charlie Brown was racing up to kick it. 

Coming Up: Sunday vs. Maryland, Tuesday vs. Miami

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NO. 9 MARYLAND (15-13, 7-8 ACC, NO. 69 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 8

Like the Wolfpack, the Terps' season may be defined by near-misses. First was the loss at Cameron, where I'm still not sure how Charles Mitchell's last shot didn't fall. Then came the last-minute loss to Syracuse. So close and yet still pretty far away from making the NCAA tournament.

Coming Up: Sunday at Clemson, Tuesday vs. Virginia Tech

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NO. 10 MIAMI (14-14, 5-10 ACC, NO. 113 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 10

Not much to say here other than that Rion Brown is quietly turning in a very solid season for the Hurricanes. 

Coming Up: Saturday at N.C. State, Tuesday at Clemson

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NO. 11 NOTRE DAME (15-14, 6-10 ACC, NO. 114 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 11

On Wednesday, when Notre Dame was playing Georgia Tech at home, the atmosphere in the Joyce Center was, shall we say, lacking. So I sent out a tweet asking my followers what adjective would adequately describe the opposite of "electric." I found out my followers have an expansive vocabulary. So the game had that going for it. Which was nice. 

Coming Up: Saturday vs. Pitt, Monday at UNC

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NO. 12 GEORGIA TECH (13-15, 4-11 ACC, NO. 168 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 12

With another pair of losses in winnable games, the Yellow Jackets stayed in the race with Boston College for "Most Disappointing Team In The ACC" this year. Given the overall down state of the alleged greatest conference ever, that's no small achievement.  

Coming Up: Sunday at FSU, Tuesday at Syracuse

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NO. 13 WAKE FOREST (15-13, 5-10 ACC, NO. 98 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 13

The Deacs snapped their slide! They're positioned to finish about .500 this season! The Bzdelik Era continues to show progress! Who's excited about the future in Winston-Salem!?!?!!? 

Coming Up: Saturday vs Boston College, Wednesday vs. Duke

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NO. 14 BOSTON COLLEGE (7-21, 3-12 ACC, 184 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 14

I .... I got nothing at this point.

Coming Up: Saturday at Wake Forest, Tuesday vs. FSU

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NO. 15 VIRGINIA TECH (9-18, 2-13 ACC, NO. 227 RPI)

Previous Ranking: 15

The Hokies made things competitive in the second half at Duke, after it had earlier looked like things could have gone beyond embarrassing straight to humiliating. That's sort of been the way the season has gone for Virginia Tech - at least the Hokies have stayed competitive to the end. 

Coming Up: Saturday vs. UNC, Tuesday at Maryland