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2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl Preview

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 10:02am

What is an AdvoCare V100, exactly? Good question. The AdvoCare V100 tropical chews are a vitamin and mineral daily supplement. Which is good, because the first thing one thinks of when one's mind focuses on the tropics is Shreveport around Christmastime. But nonetheless, its basically the Tropical Fruit Bowl.

One Heisman finalist. One guy who really wanted to be a Heisman finalist and might still be annoyed about it. ALL THE NARRATIVES!



Time: 12:30 p.m.



Avoid the derp! Its pretty simple for Arizona - when the Wildcats dont turn the football over, they win. And when they do, they lose. Its science. But its especially true that when Arizona doesnt turn it over AND forces opponent turnovers, it will definitely win. Arizonas turnover margin is +10 (16 gained, six lost) in seven wins compared to -6 (four gained, 10 lost) in seven losses. Boston College hasnt turned the football over much in wins or losses - seven in five losses, eight in seven wins - but the Eagles force a lot more in wins (14) than losses (four). The Eagles recovered a total of four turnovers by opponents in the last four games of this season, though (three wins, one loss) and things are a lot easier for the Boston College defense when opponents help them out. (Thanks again, Virginia Tech, for your four turnovers in Chestnut Hill!) No need for Arizona to make it any easier on the Eagles.


Probably diversifying the offense would help a little. Just saying. At least show that youre willing to pass, even though we all know you dont want to, Eagles. Chase Rettig/BC had a total of 288 pass yards over the last two games, a dominating win over N.C. State where they ran the ball at will, and a loss at Syracuse. Now, Syracuse has a pretty good run defense, and Arizonas is not great. The Wildcats allow an average of nearly 170 yards rushing a game and have allowed at least one 20-yard run in all but two games this year, as all but one opponent has cracked the 100-yard mark on the ground. But while Arizona has 16 interceptions as a defense, it has allowed an average of 235.5 yards a game through the air and allowed over 283 a game in the month of November. The fewest passes attempted against Arizonas defense all year was 25, though, and Boston College has attempted fewer than that in nine of 12 games. Something will have to give.


KaDeem Carey. Is he the best running back in the country not named Andre Williams? Very possibly. Carey has an Arizona career-record 4,070 yards and 50 touchdowns, and he has at least 125 all-purpose yards in 15 straight games. He finished with 1,559 yards this year and 16 touchdowns, averaging 5.4 yards per carry and getting plenty of them, averaging 24.2 per game. He had at least 100 yards in every game this season, cracking the 200-yard mark twice and scoring at least one rushing touchdown in all but two games. And he has at least one catch in all but two games. Carey is the centerpiece of this Arizona offense, and hes going to get his no matter what. What Boston College has to hope is that Carey doesnt dominate the game. His fewest yards per carry this season was 4.3 in the finale against Oregon. And he had 48 carries for 206 yards in that game (and four touchdowns). Plus, Arizonas system is much less traditional, pro-style than BCs - the Wildcats are a spread offense, so the Eagles will have to tackle in space.


Andre Williams (#Andre2000). BCs senior running back dominated the awards season because he had 2,102 yards this year, over 600 more than Carey, and averaged 6.4 yards a pop. He, too, gets plenty of carries (27.4 per game), and it hasnt always mattered in terms of BCs wins and losses what Williams has done with the football. Generally, hes going to get his. But when he went out against Syracuse, that essentially changed the game for Boston College. The key is that the Eagles cant fall behind early, or hes not going to have much of an impact. When the Eagles can control the game on the ground and keep the game at their pace with Williams, theyre good. But when they cant? Yeah. It doesnt matter how good Williams is at that point. Still, itll be fun to watch BCs workhorse maybe run a few more defenders over for old times sake before his college career comes to an end.


This is the first meeting between Boston College and Arizona. Coincidentally - or not - this is the eastern-most bowl game Arizona has ever played in. Speaking of firsts, this is the first time ever that two First Team AP All-America running backs will face off against each other in a bowl game. Boston College is second in the country in red-zone offense, scoring 28 times in 29 trips. The Eagles have scored 17 touchdowns. Boston College has 35 sacks, the most since the 2009 team had 35. That team included B.J. Raji, Ron Brace and Mark Herzlich.


Boston College Win: Steve Addazzio will be all:

Boston College Loss: The dude will continue to abide. No worries.


Arizona, 26-17. No offense to the Eagles, who have had a fine season. I think this is more about my not trusting the ACC than anything else. But when Arizona is good, it is very good.

Overall: 91-28

Postseason: 6-1